• The LGSynth93 benchmark set. Includes circuits from LGSynth91, ISCAS89 and ISCAS85.

  • The archives of benchmark descriptions and posted solutions to NP-hard problems.
    Includes BDD benchmarks

  • The Texas-97 Verification Benchmarks for VIS.

  • Miroslav N. Velev provides several challenging CNF benchmark sets. The suites were generated in the formal verification of superscalar and VLIW microprocessors.

  • Here Miroslav N. Velev provides new significantly more complex benchmarks. The instances were generated in the formal verification of liveness of single-issue pipelined and dual-issue superscalar processors.

  • Here you find an evaluation study of the LGSynth93 benchmark set. The evaluation consists of combinatorial and sequential experiments.

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