Links to other Decision Diagram related sites.
Personal homepages and homepages of specific research projects are listed elsewhere.

BDD Related:

  • A page with links to introductory material for different Decision Diagram related topics. Also has links to software and researchers.
    Maintained by Alan Mishchenko.

  • A demonstration page that builds OBDDs by Bryants method and via a DNF. Results are displayed graphically.
    Maintained by Forbes D. Lewis.
  • Robert Meolic's BDD Corner in Slovenia, with introductory material, some Info about drawing BDDs and the EST BDD package. Some pages are in english, but most are in slovenian.

Model Checking:

  • Roderick Bloem's list of people involved with model cheking.

General Scientific Links:

  • dblp: An excellent search engine for scientific articles.
    Maintained by Michael Ley
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