Individual Heuristics added to the model-checker SMV:

Block Restricted Sifting: Sample Sifting:

Individual Heuristics added to VIS:

Lazy Group Sifting: (F. Somenzi, H. Higuchi)
  • Description of Lazy Group Sifting: Comming soon!
  • Submission form for Lazy Group Sifting
RTL Partitioning: (C. Stangier, Ch. Meinel)

Individual Heuristics added to CUDD's Nanotrav:

Block Restricted Sifting: (C. Meinel, A. Slobodová) Genetic Algorithm: (R. Drechsler, B. Becker, N. Göckel) Linear Sifting: (C. Meinel, F. Somenzi, T. Theobald) No Reordering: (for comparison) Sample Sifting: (C. Meinel, A. Slobodová) Simulated Annealing: (B. Bollig, M. Löbbing, I. Wegener)