The comparison of packages was presented by Geert Janssen in his report for Dagstuhl Seminar in 2002.

  • The ABCD package by Armin Biere.

  • BuDDy - A Binary Decision Diagram Package
    by Jørn Lind-Nielsen.

  • The TUD BDD Package , a World-Level package by Stefan Höreth.
    There is also a Demo page for this package.

  • The Berkeley CAL package which does breadth-first manipulation.

  • Fabio Somenzi's CUDD package.

  • The CMU BDD Package.

  • A package by Anders Møller of BRICS (Denmark) MONA .

  • A BDD Package by Geert Janssen of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

  • A parallel BDD package by Kim Milvang-Jensen: BDDNOW

  • Bwolen's Software Page featuring a parallel BDD package, a modifies SMV and a BDD trace driver.

  • Vahidi's JDD , a java library that supports common BDD and ZBDD operations.

  • Vahidi's JBDD , a Java interface to BuDDy and CUDD packages.

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